We recently asked Richard Pointon of Get Fresh Shower Specialists to look at issues we were having with our shower. Since having an “upgrade” installed by a plumber two years previously, the shower would cut out after about two minutes every time we used it. To have it running any longer, we would have to run it a lot cooler than comfortable and even there, there was no guarantee it would stay working. Richard arrived at the time booked and immediately set to work. He quickly found out that the shower installed was more powerful than the wiring for the shower allowed, something apparently a lot of plumbers miss when they are installing new equipment. Richard changed the shower for a similar model, albeit a less powerful one, and ever since we’ve not had the problems we had before – we can now have showers as hot as we want for as long as we want. The shower he replaced was in full working order and Richard left it with us so that we could sell it to get some of our money back. I would recommend Richard to anyone who is having issues with their showers or who are looking to replace what they currently have, he obviously knows what he is talking about but is also thorough in his work and works in a very tidy manner – you wouldn’t have known he’d been. Thank you, Richard!

Ian Trembirth

When one of my clients needed showers checking on two of his properties, I gave Richard Pointon of Get Fresh Showers a call and asked him to contact the tenants to discuss the work that needed doing. Richard was very quick to deal with the enquiry, made an appointment to see both tenants and turned up when he said he would. Richard was very professional throughout, gave a clear quote for the work that needed doing and carried out all the work effectively and efficiently with very little disruption to the tenant. Because the tenants had had these problems for quite some time, they were very happy with Richards work and communication and so pleased their showers finally worked properly. I therefore would not hesitate to recommend Richard Pointon’s services to anyone as I know he always does a fantastic job.

Lee Tabreham - owner of Essential Money Matters.

Having a fully working shower is something that really is a necessity in my house what with having two young girls to look after. My shower had had a problem of the water just not getting hot enough even when it was turned right up on the dial. It had been like this for quite some time and I had just put up with the problem instead of seeking some help with it. I finally decided enough was enough and I wanted my showers to be nice and hot again. I spoke to Richard at Get Fresh Showers about the issue and he instantly knew what the problem would be and he arranged to come and have a look and replace said broken part for me straight away. He even had the part already in stock so there was no waiting around. Richard did a quick and efficient job at an excellent price. He is extremely knowledgeable, honest and reliable and I wouldn't hesitate in using Richard and his company again and would most certainly recommend him to friends and family.

Thank you Richard for all your help

Jenna West