Services we offer:

As we are the agents to leading shower manufacturers and specialists in our field we can repair/replace/install the following types of showers:

  • Electric showers
  • Power showers
  • Digital showers
  • Mixer valves
  • Bar Mixers
  • Bath/Shower Mixers
  • Pumped Showers

How we work ?

We can perform a cost effective and environmentally friendly repair to most showers (if spares available).

We will always issue a Electrical Installation report with any electric shower that is installed by us.

If a repair is not cost effective then we will ensure a replacement is fitted with minimum fuss and disruption.

We can also replace shower pumps, and fit them where required to boost pressure to an existing shower.

We have experience in maintaining a large number of showers for housing associations.

Who we work with ?

  • Households
  • Housing associations
  • Large letting agents
  • Other shower manufacturers
  • Large property maintenance companies

Brands we can repair

Aqualisa – also approved service agent, Gainsborough – also approved service agent, Bristan – also approved service agent, Triton – Highly skilled, Galaxy, New Team, AJ Gummers, Inta, Flova, Mx, Redring, Mira, Diva and many more

Services we do not provide:

It’s really important that we provide you the best service possible so unfortunately there will be times when we can’t help you. Areas we dont cover are:

  • Shower trays / enclosure/screens – please contact a plumber.
  • Shower pods – as most of these are difficult to identify and most are made outside of Europe ,the parts are normally not available – please contact your installer, place of purchase or manufacturer if you have your original paperwork.
  • Taps – please contact a plumber.